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Full Venue Audits for Workplace Readiness

Our customised audit approach completely encompasses workplace solutions to ensure your entire venue is COVID protected.

Health Shield Solutions will visit your venue to carry out an onsite comprehensive COVID-19 Venue Compliance Audit. The audit will ascertain the necessary steps needed to ensure the venue is compliant and your re-opening is stress-free.

After the onsite assessment has been completed a detailed COVID-19 Venue Compliance Plan will be drafted. The plan comprehensive plan will include a proposal for specific installation of safety control products (see below for a summary of our products suitable for office spaces) and tasks recommended for COVID protection compliance. 

The implementation plan from Health Shield Solutions will include all-inclusive checklists to make the protection process stress-free.

  • Maintenance procedure checklists
  • Recommendations of venue modifications
  • Stringent cleaning agendas, including detailed cleaning schedules and detailed processes, and recommended cleaning agents

Health Shield Solutions implement all aspects as advised in the COVID-19 Venue Compliance Plan, including installation of the safety controls products.

Our thorough processes make sure every venue has a bespoke solution devised specifically to suit the needs of their venue, staff and customers.

Our solutions

Solutions for your venue

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Wet wipe dispenser

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Touchless toilet seat cleaner

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Paper towel dispenser

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Soap dispenser

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Free-standing hand sanitiser

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Registration screen

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Video help desk

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Protective screens

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Protective screens

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Video conferencing pods

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Occupancy software

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Our solutions

Protection Products

Below are a selection of products most commonly integrated into COVID Venue Audit Plans. Specifically designed for office spaces and tailored to suit individual venues.

Available for bulk order purchases.


Design & Manufacturing


Technology & Solutions

Desk Dividers

Office workers will slowly be returning to their usual work spaces. The desire for social distancing within the workplace will be high. Office solutions include desk barrier screens and partition walls.

  • Off the shelf dividers – dispatch in 3 days
  • Custom dividers available, including the selection of divider materials, size and designs
  • From 2 desks to an office with 5000 desks

We have the capabilities to help protect your office staff no matter the size or requirements. 


Digital Solutions

We have a range of digital solutions to help your office facility. 

Skyfii’s OccupancyNow solution combines automated counting technology, a web-based reporting dashboard, and real-time alerting and monitoring to help you manage real-time occupancy and social distancing in your campus venues.

We also have a temperature screening monitors to detect elevated body temperature of customers entering the venue.   



Digital Screens

Protection Screens

Our range of office protection solutions protective screens help to protect your reception staff and customers.

The range can be customised to suit your business including screen dimensions and opening sizes, as well as options for bespoke branding additions.


Hand Sanitisers

Our range of mobile Hand Sanitiser Dispensers are designed and manufactured in Australia to promote hand hygiene amongst staff.

The dispensers have a small footprint and can be installed in or near restrooms and office entry and exit points.

Dispensers can be customised and branded with custom graphics and messaging.



Unique signage options allow businesses to communicate informational messaging clearly and effectively to staff.

Signage can be finished in full custom print and branded to suit your business needs.

Custom signage allows you to provide unique messaging to your staff using graphic imagery.



Our removable vinyl stickers are perfect for many applications including glass, walls and counters.

  • Professionally printed

  • Self-adhesive

  • Manufactured in Australia

  • Ready to ship now

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Our range of stickers can be made with custom graphics and branding to help convey your messaging to customers.


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Can we help your office space achieve COVID protection?

Venue Audit

Health Shield Solutions can visit your venue to carry out an onsite comprehensive COVID assessment, provide recommendations then carry out necessary steps needed to ensure the venue is protected and ready to be re-opened.

Safety Products

Health Shield Solutions offer a range of developed and tested safety products ready for placement in your venue. Our range of products can be customer to suit individual venues and have multiple branding opportunities.

Bespoke Solutions

Looking for a bespoke solution for your venue? Health Shield Solutions offer product development for those who need tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

Need assistance to make your venue protected?​

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