Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand hygiene solution

Sanitising Solutions for Outdoors.

Our Outdoor Hand Sanitiser Stations are ideal for outdoor venues such as sporting venues, outdoor arenas or park lands.

Constructed from high quality outdoor rated materials, it is built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The units are water proof and tamper proof. For added durability they can be built using 306 stainless steel,  316 stainless steel or powder coated steel.

The Health Shield Solutions range offers two types of Outdoor Hand Sanitiser Stations,  Manual Units and Automatic Units.

All units can be customised to suit to your aesthetic and branding requirements using UV rated Vinyls on the exterior of the unit, to ensure long lasting results.


Large Volume Capacity

The outdoor unit reservoir can hold large volumes for less frequent re-filling.

Hard mounted

All outdoor units come with metal base plates with dynabolts, for secure attachment to concrete surfaces. The units are tamper proof.

Gel or Liquid

Can dispense gel or liquid hand sanitiser solution.


Automatic sensor or foot pump operated to create a contact-less experience.


The units are water proof and can be made from 306 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or powder coated steel.


Customisable graphics for branding purposes.


  • Sporting venues
  • Outdoor arenas
  • Parks
  • Outside buildings 
  • Outdoor spaces where people gather
  • Any spaces with high foot traffic

Outdoor Manual Hand Sanitiser

Foot pump dispensing unit

Outdoor Automatic Hand Sanitiser

Automatic high volume dispensing unit

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